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What is VSmart?

VSmart is more than just a client survey tool, it is a completely integrated client relationship management system. It is a simple and powerful solution that will revolutionize your client’s experience and drive new clients to you!

Improve Satisfaction

VSmart is the top choice of veterinarians to get the insight required to strengthen relationships, improve client satisfaction and apply changes that produce superior service and impact the bottom line. Satisfied clients are loyal clients!

#1 Referral Source

Happy clients are a practice’s best referral source! That is where the real value of VSmart lies. We have created a tool that is easy-to-use and not only improves satisfaction, but ultimately drives your satisfied clients to share their experience on major review sites!

VSmart knows that your strong relationships are the key to positive client reviews and an excellent online reputation.

VSmart’s unique technology ensures complete satisfaction by  alerting you to your clients’ needs, driving positive reviews from happy clients and ultimately protecting your good reputation.

The most complete Client Satisfaction solution available, VSmart is incredibly powerful yet easy to use because it is 100% automated and integrates with your Practice Management Software.

VSmart is guaranteed to increase YOUR online review rating.

Word of Mouth has now become WORLD of Mouth!

In today’s digital era, people are now turning to online reviews as a quicker and easier way of finding a veterinarian. Every practice needs to be promoting their practice by encouraging positive online reviews. Likewise, not being aware of your online reputation can be one of the most damaging things for your practices reputation, keeping potential new clients from ever making that first appointment.

Wendy Myers, President of Communication Solutions for Veterinarians, speaks on how to market your practice through online reviews.

Are you leaving client satisfaction to chance?

Did you know that according to the 2012 Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study, only 20% of veterinarians survey their clients, while 82% say they would change how their practice operates if it would increase client satisfaction

VSmart makes it easy to survey your clients and get the highest compliance rates using email automation and practice software integration.

Are your clients happy with the “other” 75% of their visit?

Did you know that for every 10 minutes you spend in front of your client, they spend at least 30 minutes with your staff?

VSmart notifies you with instant alerts, service provider reporting and client comments and referrals to keep you keyed into what your clients are experiencing while being served by your team.

Did you know that with every search done for your clinic, your reputation shows up first?

Local reviews are the new yellow pages. 7 out of 10 clients shop online reviews and trust recommendations from reviewers making this your best referral source!

VSmart automatically identifies your best promoters and invites them to share their excellent experiences on major review sites!

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