VSmart is rich with features that will help you to improve your business. Which version of VSmart is right for you?

Email Automation

VSmart is completely automated running seamlessly in the background. A clinic branded email is sent to each client 24 hours after a visit thanking them for their loyalty and ensuring that their needs have been completely met.

Instant Alerts

Wouldn’t you want to know immediately if a client is frustrated or dissatisfied after a visit to your practice? Wouldn’t you also want to know if a client wanted more information about products and services you have to offer?

Assign alerts to the right response team (ie: Doctors, Manager, Receptionist or Technician)

Alert types

  1. Text message
  2. Email
  3. Practice Software pop-ups*

*software specific

Online Reviews

Today’s clients use the web to search out a new business (89% according to eTailing Group). Additionally, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would if they’d gotten a recommendation from a friend! If your practice is not receiving fresh positive online reviews on a regular basis you are missing out on an enormously powerful referral source.  VSmart is guaranteed to drive positive online reviews to major review sites or you will receive your money back!

Needs Based Analysis

Targeted communications and specific survey questions are sent based on the reason for the client visit. This allows you to be sure you are meeting the individual needs of each client. For example, you might want to  follow up after a grooming visit with very different questions than you would after a surgery visit.

Client Feedback

Feedback from clients helps you to ensure client satisfaction. Satisfied clients are more likely to comply with recommendations, return to your practice more often, generate more revenue and refer more new clients to your practice.

VSmart gives you detailed analysis of every aspect of your clients’ experience with your hospital and staff.


  • Provider Reporting
  • Trend Reporting
  • Benchmark Reporting
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Client Response Report
  • Client Comment Summary

Share your VSmart reports with staff members, clients and referring practices!


Dashboard view to give you an at-a-glance measure of your practice. Providing you with online review trend graphs, recent client comments, alerts, email collection rates, survey compliance, and graphed survey results.  VSmart provides you with the most crucial information to ensure your practice is thriving!

Get Everybody Talking

Collect 100s of clients’ comments each month that can be posted to your website and Facebook page, shared with your staff and used to generate new business!

Local reviews are the new yellow pages.  When a client searches for a new clinic online,  your reputation shows up first! Today’s consumers trust online reviews when choosing a new business.

Increase the number of positive Online Reviews your practice receives by inviting your clinic’s best promoters to post a review on any major review site.

Practice Software Integration

VSmart is compatible with the following Practice Management Software: