VSurv is a Game Changer

We have a new type of client in this troubled economy. A client with a different set of needs and wants, and they evaluate value on a different scale than before. In addition, client loyalty has become a pressing issue as trust has been diminished and are expectations higher than ever. We have so many consumers that sit on a fence and have the attitude of, “If they don’t take care of me, someone else will”, and they move on. We have to look at ways to gather immediate feedback and make changes faster than ever – before all those other pet-related businesses fighting for those flat pet dollars do it first.

Meadow Hills switched to using a web-based system to monitor and protect our number one asset: Our Client Base. We feel it was one of the most significant and essential systems we implemented in 2011. It ultimately has been a game changer. The days of hoping we get surveys mailed back to us in a 10-14 day period is no longer Good Enough. If the client is upset because we have not rectified the ear infection or skin allergy, I can promise you they will have moved on, well before we ever get a chance to open that envelope.

I can give you several examples of how VSurv has changed our practice and solidified our client base. One that sticks out: We had a client a few months ago that was in for a sick exam. The doctor completed her assessment and made recommendations for further diagnostics and treatments. The client opted for a wait & see approach. In the meantime, her pet was due for his grooming appointment at another place of business. The groomer decided to second guess our doctor’s assessment and made her own diagnosis while blow drying the pets hair.

The client took the groomer’s “words of wisdom” as gospel and was dismayed that our doctor “got it wrong”. She wasted no time filling out the VSurv survey and letting Meadow Hills know that her groomer was more competent than our veterinarians. “Why had she wasted her money with us?” In addition, she requested a copy of all of her pet’s records so she could move to another clinic.

We had the veterinarian in charge of her pet on the phone within hours of her posting her furious feedback. The doctor was sympathetic to her distress and slowly walked her through the confusion. She showed how her groomer’s “tentative” diagnosis was not only incorrect but physically not possible. The client was so grateful for our time and attention we showed her that she immediately brought her dog in for the recommended diagnostics and treatment. In addition, while on the phone, she had the doctor schedule a spay for her new puppy (Something our doctors don’t usually handle, but she was happy to oblige).

The result was $825.00 of new revenue, two healthy pets, and a bonded client. Had it not been for VSurv, not only would we have lost the client and the income, we would have had story after story being told about our alleged “incompetent veterinarians” throughout our community. We never would have known. As I said before: “It’s been a game changer” and has elevated our ability to stay connected with our clients like never before. VSurv is a one of a kind web-based informational platform dedicated to the veterinary industry. It will play a vital role as we go forward by helping us understand and change our services, deliveries, branding, and overall way we conduct business to meet the needs and wants in this new client and pet era.

Brian Conrad, CVPM VHMA
Meadow Hills Veterinary Centers


VSurv Makes the Job Easy

Staying in-touch with your clients needs is a must! And VSurv makes the job easy. I enjoy getting the alerts of clients’ positive feedback and have the opportunity to respond if they are not happy. I also like how we can customize the final message at the end of the survey and drive traffic to our Facebook page.

Paul Camilo CVPM
Practice Administrator , VetPartners Member
President, Veterinary Consultation Services


Automatic Notifications

VSurv automatically notifies me that a client has had a less than acceptable experience. In our hospital, with 15 doctors and over 100 staff, that information is absolutely essential in managing client retention!

Richard Johnson, DVM


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