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Your Elanco Animal Health representative has purchased a VSmart 6 month subscription for your hospital to help you in your pursuit to ensure complete client satisfaction. Hospital owners and managers find VSmart to be an indispensable tool to facilitate everyday practice management decisions. By offering VSmart to its customers, Elanco will be supporting hospitals’ core business needs by providing an innovative client communication program that:

  • Ensures client satisfaction
  • Increases awareness and compliance with veterinary recommendations
  • Identifies specific client needs
  • Delivers fresh testimonials to the hospital website
  • Generates referrals through online reviews
  • Protects the practice’s online reputation

How does VSmart work?

VSmart integrates with the hospital’s practice management software (PiMS) to automatically email an appreciation letter to veterinary clients after a visit to the hospital. VSmart receives a 30% average response rate to a client feedback survey linked to the letter and delivers immediate actionable alerts to the management of the practice. VSmart Enterprise gives hospitals the most robust survey system at its core, assessing the needs of clients based on the reason for their visit and alerting management to potential problems before the reputation of the practice can be damaged by scathing online reviews. No other survey system harnesses positive client satisfaction results to drive online reviews and website testimonials, two of the most effective marketing strategies any business can employ.

Practice Software Compatibility

  • AVImark 2012+
  • Vetech Advantage
  • ImproMed Advantage+
  • IDEXX Cornerstone
  • ImproMed DVM Manager
  • ImproMed Infinity > 4.6
  • IntraVet by Patterson Veterinary 4.5+
  • StringSoft

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